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The NYT comes out for Congressional hearings on the Siegelman affair.

The NYT editorial board weighs in on Siegelman. (Naturally, they don’t bother to credit Scott Horton orGlyn Wilson for the original reporting on the matter.) The Times reaches the same conclusion I did; let’s have Congessional hearings, focused on the Dana Jill Martin affidavit and the phone call it purports to describe.

I think this story is definitely out of “kookie blogger conspiracy theory” territory. Whether anything pans out remains to be seen. But this seems like a clear case where the Blogosphere has prodded the mainstream media to pay attention to a story that might otherwise have gotten lost.

Footnote It’s worth noting that Judge Walton, though he denied Scooter Libby’s request for bail pending appeal, let him stay out of jail long enough to give the DC Circuit time to weigh in on the matter. By contrast,Judge Fuller ordered Siegelman into immediate custody, despite what seem to be much stronger issues on appeal, including the question whether the conduct charged actually amounts to bribery under federal law. Vidictiveness? We report; you decide.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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