Yet more Palin

Stonewalling the Troopergate probe (with a lawyer the taxpayers are paying for).
Hiring a Stevens crony and Abramoff accomplice as a lobbyist to grab Federal pork for her town.
Staying away from reporters.

1, Having trumpeted that she had nothing to hide and welcomed an investigation of why she fired the state public safety director and lied about it, Sarah Palin has now lawyered up, at state expense, and her new lawyer is stonewalling.

2. The lobbyist Palin hired to bring home Federal pork to Wasilla was not only an ex-Chief-of-Staff for indicted Sen. Ted Stevens, he was also an accomplice of Jack Abramoff. Now that’s what I call a “reformer with results.”

3. She’s being kept away from reporters. No surprise there, but it calls for a fuss.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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