Yerevan one to talk

In Armenian politics, Ross Perot would look reasonable.

Recent events in Armenia have eerily recapitulated those in Georgia. Except nastier and deadlier, and without outlandish allegations of mind control.

Make that “nastier and deadlier,” full stop:

Armenians ‘Hypnotized By Ter-Petrosian’

“All along they carried out a psychological sabotage against the segment of the people who went to their rallies and who were supposed to be the instruments of the entire criminal act,” Hovsepian told a news conference. “During the psychological sabotage they used all kinds of psychological tricks, mechanisms of deception.”

The powerful prosecutor said the ongoing investigation into the post-election deadly unrest in Armenia will therefore be conducted not only by law-enforcement officials but also psychologists and psychotherapists.

[h/t an Armenia-watcher colleague]