Wyoming results

An 18-point win for Obama, on a turnout 10x that of four years ago.

UPDATED See below

With two small counties (both surrounded by Obama territory) yet to report, Obama has an 18-point lead in Wyoming.

Turnout is an order of magnitude greater than four years ago.

Delegates should split 7-5, as expected, leaving the math unchanged.

And it looks as if the “kitchen sink” effect is starting to fade, or the pushback is starting to work. Both Gallup and Rasmussen tracking results, which switched from Obama up a few points to Clinton up a few points between Friday and Wednesday, are now back to even. No bounce from winning Ohio and Texas.

Update Teton County came in 80-20 for Obama. His final overall margin was 23 points, and might wind up +4 rather than the +2 previously estimated. If so, The Math just got that much harder for the Clinton campaign.

Apparently losing by 23 points counts as winning in Hillaryland: Maggie Williams says she’s “thrilled.” Just imagine how happy she’ll be when Obama clinches the nomination.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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