Wish-I’d-said-that Dep’t: climate change edition


“The nefarious global conspiracy promoting the climate-change hoax continues to spread: The oceans are in on it. So are the maple trees of New England. And both Dakotas.”


“The nefarious global conspiracy promoting the climate-change hoax continues to spread: The oceans are in on it. So are the maple trees of New England. And both Dakotas.”

Author: Mark Kleiman

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    1. The Smoky Mountains are in Tennessee (and possibly extend into North Carolina, although they may be called the Nantahalas by then). But the Appalachian chain does extend into Georgia.

  1. I followed the link (which goes not to the post quoted but to the main page of the web site), and found this quote(which, as a NH resident, I wish I’d said) on the same post:

    New Hampshire’s massive 400-member House of Representatives is still way too big to fill with qualified people.

  2. At “the shack”, Aldo Leopold began a phenology data series that has been continued by his family and researchers, and now spans more than sixty years.

    ” … the most dramatic result that could be observed in the data was that there were many things, especially early spring wildflowers that were blooming almost two weeks earlier than they did in Leopold’s time”

    So Wisconsin is in on the scheme.

    1. I was not aware of the word “phenology”, a name that seems rather uncomfortably close to that of another more famous, rather disreputable field of study.

  3. Well at least we know Heartland Institute is hard on it for the good guys. Those leaked emails show they hope to convince educators to “teach the controversy” with statements such as this: “whether humans are changing the climate is a major scientific controversy.” And that therefor educators need to teach both sides equally. And the real good news is that half the teachers surveyed already choose to do so because “they think there is validity to both sides”. (The 97% side and the 3% non-publishing side).

    So our country looks to be moving ahead strongly. Things are going good. And I hope to live to see the day when we can begin again to question the smoking-causes-cancer nonsense and similar BS about DDT being bad. Onwards America. The future is yours!


  4. Mass extinctions are just God’s way of simplifying things so students at Liberty College and Bob Jones University won’t need to learn so many unimportant details and focus on importat research like how much manure was really on the Ark after forty days and forty nights. Inqiring minds want to know.

  5. I’ve used that argument for years. He stole it from my nom d’e-. It is especially useful to tweak those who feel compelled to use Cliiiiiiiiiimategaaaaaaaaaaaate! in an argument. That is: the day after the stolen e-mails were published, the glaciers did not advance, the seas did not retreat, the globe did not cool, the rains did not decrease in intensity, the spring did not come later, the arctic ice did not return, birds did not nest further south, pikas did not move downhill, the tundra shrubs did not cease their advance, permafrost did not re-freeze…you get the drift.

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