Wish-I’d-said-that Dep’t

Jennifer Hayden of Daily Kos: “Let’s face it folks, Obama’s had at least 48 hours to stop this hurricane and he failed.”

Jennifer Hayden of Daily Kos is pitch-perfect on the tone of the Romney bamboozlement:

Let’s face it folks, Obama’s had at least 48 hours to stop this hurricane and he failed.

As she doesn’t add, no doubt there’s a bipartisan solution to the hurricane that doesn’t require borrowing money from China.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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8 thoughts on “Wish-I’d-said-that Dep’t”

  1. Obama might use the professorial word “evacuation” but what he’s really talking about is running away from this conflict. Next thing you know, he’ll be apologizing to the storm for being in its way.

    Romney would have stood up to the hurricane. Strength is the only thing weather systems like this understand.

  2. there is a tweet going around purporting to be from the Romney Storm Center, saying ‘Everyone in the path of the hurricane should head to their second or third home for safety.’

    1. There was another one about getting your yacht out to sea, or borrowing a yacht from your parents. Then the account was deleted by the authorities …

  3. Everybody knows real hurricanes head up the coast, then turn RIGHT.

    What the heck is this … a liberal storm … turning LEFT?

  4. You jest, but the Wingers genuinely say this stuff – they take the line from Obama’s 2008 DNC convention acceptance speech about how this could be our chance to start making a dent against climate change, and then they literally blame him for not stopping the waves.

  5. How about:

    Romney Leads Secret Mormon / Christian Pray Group.

    The group prayed that Hurricane SAndy would wipe out the Democrats in the Northeast to assure Romney’s election.

  6. You’re laughing, but I’ve already seen some earnest posts like “Obama promised to stop the rising water. Another broken promise from Obummer.” You’re criticizing rationally. Mittens lies compulsively. But his followers are persistently in alternate reality–they have to be to imagine Mittens to fit their political desires.

  7. and news stories/comments are saying today ‘Obama has to show a good response to the storm damage to remain credible as president’ – as if Rmoney would be better, hoping that the ‘private sector’ would come along with … what ? shelters? affordable food? reconstruction? restoration of power? draining of roads? etc.

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