Wish-I’d-said-that Dep’t

Christopher Orr says what I’ve been thinking about the quality of contemporary movie-making.

The Adjustment Bureau is not a particularly bad movie, at least not by the two-foot yardstick we’re expected to use on anything Hollywood releases prior to Thanksgiving.

Christopher Orr

Author: Mark Kleiman

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One thought on “Wish-I’d-said-that Dep’t”

  1. The writer/director of this movie, George Nolfi, was a graduate school colleague of mine (UCLA Poli Sci). We were paired up to do a joint presentation on conservatism and race (Sears vs. Sniderman). The week of our presentation he sells a script and drops out of grad school, leaving me holding the bag. Even so, I’m glad someone from our cohort is making a lot of money.

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