Wish-*I’d*-PhotoShopped-that Dep’t

Does anyone know who did this? I’d love to give credit where it’s due.

… and I wonder if, any of the next 6000 times John McCain appears on one of the weekend talk shows, anyone’s going to bother to ask him whether he still disapproves of going into sovereign Pakistan to take out ObL? Or whether anyone is going to ask Mitt Romney whether he still thinks that doing so is worthy of Dr. Strangelove?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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11 thoughts on “Wish-*I’d*-PhotoShopped-that Dep’t”

  1. No and no.

    That concludes today’s edition of simple answers to unnecessarily involved questions.

  2. Does anyone think arming and training the mujahedin in Afghanistan 25-30 years ago was a no-brainer?

    Yes, good riddance to bin Laden. But, this feel good moment will undoubtedly prove to be transitory. No one knows how things will play out from here vis-a-vis the violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty. Gloating at this point could well turn out to be foolish.

  3. Oh, man. That’s good.

    I must say – maybe I’m sheltered – but I’m taken aback at the over-the-top weepy celebrations. Even our sports section’s front page is a big ol’ flag and a column on how wunnerfull it is that he’s daid. Sheesh.

  4. jm, I’m sure the Pakistani government will get right on the matter of bin Laden violating their sovereignty near their military’s most prestigious base for at least the last five years. Say what else you may about the U.S. raid, but I can understand why we didn’t tell the Pakistani government about the raid on Osama’s hideout.

  5. This euphoria at our having killed someone reminds me of all the post-Sept 11 screaming that we would get revenge.
    Another words, US tribalism.

  6. I wonder if “anyone’s going to bother to ask him (BHO that is) whether he still disapproves of” waterboarding and GITMO?

    “Barack Obama’s attorney general threatened for a time to begin criminal investigations of the officials who authorized waterboarding, and now Barack Obama – and American national security – have benefited directly from those policies.

    Guantanamo Bay as a special prison for terrorism suspects was reviled and condemned by Barack Obama and his party. And yet the system of holding terrorism suspects there has given Barack Obama the greatest victory of his presidency.”


  7. G, Dianne Feinstein and Donald Rumsfeld both agree that’s nonsense.

  8. Oh…Thanks, that totally debunks it “Dick Cheney said today that “it wouldn’t be surprising” the intel came from Bush’s torture program. However, there is currently no evidence to suggest that the detainees that provided the information that led to bin Laden were subject to torture.” Clears that right up. If Dianne says it, it must be true. Is GITMO still open? Hmmmmmmm.

  9. So waterboarding is worse than a bullet to the brain? You’all celebrate the Obama administration’s success in killing Osama bin Ladin, yet condemn rough interrogation. I’m not complaining about the operation. Still, if the administration were less squeamish about indefinite detention and rough interrogation, the CIA and Special Operations Command might have preferred to take bin Ladin alive (for a while).

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