Will to Power

Samantha Power resigns.

Samantha Power is not the typical high-level foreign-policy adviser, and she’s a tremendous asset to the Obama campaign. LA CityBeat asks “How would an Obama administration’s foreign policies differ from those of a Clinton administration?”

He has taken on an awful lot of the shibboleths of Washington, many of which were devised in earlier times, in very different times, and I think what you have in Obama is someone prepared to live and make judgments in a 21st century world, to adjust to the erosion of U.S. influence in the hopes of restoring it, to understand the rise of China, and to understand the degree to which we need global cooperation for dealing with these global threats. A lot of people say these things, but the advantage of being unbeholden either to general lobbyists or to Washington thinking and to Washington habits is that you can think freshly about the world that you inherit as president. That’s really rare.

I’m sorry—what’s that? Uhh, ok. Never mind.

Samantha Power resigns after calling Clinton “monster”

Update: “Off the record” is not retroactively enforceable:

“She is a monster, too—that is off the record—she is stooping to anything,” Ms Power said, hastily trying to withdraw her remark.