Will Ferrell shoots, scores!

The case against the public option, as seen by insurance company execs.

The case against the public option, as seen by insurance company execs.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on “Will Ferrell shoots, scores!”

  1. 80% public support for a public option is a pretty tendentious claim (not that I look to actors for schooling on public opinion). Nate Silver has looked at how questions on a public option are framed, and shows that (a) most people don't understand what it is tinyurl.com/kk5p9s, and (b) responses are very sensitive to small changes in wording tinyurl.com/macfyn. Support for a public option seems to be higher among those who understand what it is, but I'd wager that there's a strong selection effect.

  2. That is inane. If the point is to try and convince those who may be leaning the other way, ridicule is hardly a viable option. The writer should have his license taken away for political claptrapment.

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