“Why McCain would be a mediocre president”

Rex Nutting, Washington Bureau Chief of MarketWatch, dares to ask whether John McCain is qualified to be President.

Rex Nutting, the Washington bureau chief of the financial website MarketWatch, dares to ask the question no one who wants to stand tall with the rest of the Washington press corps would dare to ask: Is John McCain actually qualified to be President?

Nutting is not impressed. The subheads tell the story:

Lack of accomplishments


No leadership

Living in the Sixties

No principles

Of course Nutting is unfair. He neglects McCain’s really heroic work with John Kerry in bringing about reconciliation with Vietnam (taking on the powerful POW/MIA racket in the process). But I think Nutting sees McCain more clearly than the worshippers on McCain’s press plane.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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