Who’s writing this silly script?

Billmon thinks the latest scandal was invented by Kafka and Mark Twain.

Billmon at Whiskey Bar has a comment on the Safavian indictment that might be applied to many of the antics of the Beloved Leader Administration:

…now that I’ve run down what everyone else has reported about Safavian and the the slime trail linking him to Davis, Norquist and Abramoff, I don’t have anything original to add — other than my deeply held suspicion that God has subcontracted the fashioning of reality to the spirits of Mark Twain and Franz Kafka, who are sitting around in heaven like a couple of coked up screenwriters, dreaming up ever more ridiculous characters and swapping increasingly absurd story lines.

No, wait, Twain says, I can top that . . .

Actually, I was thinking Pynchon and Ross Thomas. But you get the point.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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