Who’s supporting the thugs in the Ukraine?

No, that wasn’t left-wing anti-American Brit idiocy, it was right-wing/libertarian anti-American Brit idiocy.

An earlier item in this space was deliberately rude about the Guardian for publishing pro-Yanukovych propaganda. I assumed that I was seeing a particularly foolish and nasty example of Brit left-wing anti-Americanism.

Silly me. How was I to know that I was in fact seeing a particularly foolish and nasty example of Brit right-wing/libertarian anti-Americanism, with Euroskeptic and Thatcherite ties? (Or maybe — it’s hard to read — mostly non-ideological flacking-for-hire by a group that has adopted dictators and mass murderers as its target market.)

But this Guardian column straightened me out. Hat tip: Martin Stabe, who has more.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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