Who needs madrassas?

Pakistan’s public schools seem to do a good enough job of breeding jihadis.
I’m glad the President told us that Pakistan is our ally and not part of the “Axis of Evil.” Otherwise I might not be sure.

Bad news: While not busy acquiring nuclear weapons, Pakistan, our ally in the Global War on Terror, has been running a public school system designed to breed up faithful jihadis by preaching hatred for Christians and Jews.

Good news: The new Pakistani Minister of Education Javed Ashraf Qazi, knows how to deal with Islamic fundamentalism. He’s the former head of the ISI, the Pakistani KGB, and in that position helped the Taliban win control of Kadahar, its first piece of territory. Gen. Qazi is also himself a committed anti-Semite.

Must be the old hire-a-poacher-as-gamekeeper ploy.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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