Who “admitted” what?

Glenn Reynolds is free to believe, if it makes him happy to do so, that the European Union is deliberately financing Palestinian terrorism as part of a “proxy war” against the United States, even though that would implicate, among others, the British Government. (I thought, and think, that his somewhat ambiguously worded suggestion that Israel or the United States should retaliate by sponsoring terrorism against Europeans was beyond the pale, but that’s another question. See his post and my comment; he doesn’t seem to have clarified his words.)

But in his latest post, in which he calls for the United States to use its best efforts to influct suffering on the Palestinians, Reynolds claims that the “proxy war” assertion has been “admitted.” He doesn’t say who has “admitted” it; his only link is to himself, linking to another blogger linking to an Israeli news service quoting a Green Member of the European Parliament (who opposed military intervention to stop genocide in the Balkans) as making the charge.

We’re all entitled to our opinions, but we’re not entitled to make up our own facts. Unless someone responsible can be shown to have “admitted” MEP Schroeder’s charge, Glenn ought to retract.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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