White Tigers (and moonwalking bears) in a Snowstorm

‪Ok chalk up another provable falsehood (DT claim that illegal immigrants cost him the popular vote).

So, at this rate of 1.5 lies per day, by the end of 2017 our President will have told us over 500 lies. Mostly little ones about crowd size or who he slandered publicly but now claims he didn’t. But as we know that fun little game can be a slippery slope. ‬

‪Remember when we got really upset about about Tonkin or WMD or Watergate or about the Intern? Granted those were big things – really huge hairy deals, right? (Oh that just didn’t come out right)

Well, remember that animal survival depends on detecting the predator that wants to eat you. Not to give away the punchline but see if you can count how many passes the team in white makes in this video: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=47LCLoidJh4

Put in human survivalist terms, its hard to see the hungry white tiger in a snowstorm. ‬and now knowing this I ask you, no I implore you – PLEASE, America, tell me your senses will not be dulled by the daily administered dose of misinformation from the White House. As with any regularly consumed dosage, tolerance can build up quickly – soon medium sized lies don’t seem like that big a deal. ‬
‪You say you’re different? OK then say it with me “my senses will not be dulled by daily misinformation from the White House”. Good. Then you’re not going to just wave off your sense of truth and reality and drift off into some carbo loaded coma, right. You promised. ‬

‪Because if they dumb you into submission you will NOT notice when the really big stuff happens. And you need to be paying attention because many of the consumer, environmental, health, and financial protections you and your family value now are being overseen by a cabinet heavily peppered with arsonists who have spent the last decades suing and figuratively firebombing the regulatory agencies they will now be overseeing. It might very well be be a pathetic mustache twirling “yessssSmithers”-a-palooza. Am I being an unhinged apocalyptic Chicken Little right now? Maybe. A little. ‬

‪But really though – after this cast of corprateer characters gets approved by the Senate, and they will get approved (thank you for your leadership Mitch – sorry you got steamrolled Chuck), I ask you to be vigilant, and alert, relatively sober, and when someone tells you that you’re better off without meaningful healthcare coverage (Harvard study estimates 43,000 additional deaths per year from repeal of ACA) or that Wall Street and banks can’t thrive unless they are unregulated (deregulation created the global collapse of 2007) or that global climate change is a hoax made up by the Chinese and our economy will stagnate if we don’t get behind “clean” coal (debunk not warranted for that one), or that Americas very independence is contingent on placing a thousand oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico – then please set down your cheeseburger, slap yourself in the face, get conscious, look in the mirror and say “Whazzuh did that (insert: Exxon executive or press secretary or whoever the mouthpiece of the day is) just say?!” And immediately alert your buddies “#POTUSnCompany just Tweeted some more smack – that ain’t right”. And then pick up your phone and call your congressman… again (Yep 4th time this week Mr Intern)… and tell them that you don’t teach your kids to lie and you’d appreciate it if the President didn’t either. ‬

‪Just don’t don’t don’t doze off again. You might not like what you see when you wake up. ‬‬

2 thoughts on “White Tigers (and moonwalking bears) in a Snowstorm”

  1. Dear Abby:
    We need your help with a very sensitive and difficult situation. We recently hired a new guy to do an extremely important job, which he started last Friday. Unfortunately, it is becoming obvious that he is just not working out. He is irritable, unwilling to take responsibility for anything, and, in spite of repeated pleading with him, is not focusing on his job duties. He is easily distracted from his job tasks, continually talks about things that have nothing to do with why we hired him, and takes offense at trivial matters that no one but he even cares about. Worse, he has been caught making false statements about matters which we can easily verify, and his efforts to get away with these misrepresentations are creating numerous and unnecessary conflicts with other employees. Letting him go at this point is not really an option because under the terms of his employment, it would be necessary to find cause in the form of actual criminal misconduct. We are also concerned about his mental stability, and we cannot predict what he might do if any sort of corrective action were to be taken.

    We are at a loss about what to do. What is your advice?

    The American People

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