Which item is missing from this list?

I’m delighted John Negroponte, about to be our Ambassador to Iraq, speaks so many languages. Too bad none of them is Arabic.

John Negroponte, about to be appointed Ambassador to Iraq, speaks Greek, French, Spanish, and Vietnamese, as well as English.

Matthew Yglesias and The Grammar Police both note Negroponte’s record of support for death-squad activity, evasion of legal restrictions, and deceit as Ambassador to Honduras. Picky, picky, picky.

Typical liberals. Don’t they know that Saddam Hussein was dangerous?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. Language

    Mark Kleiman notes that John Negroponte, while admirably multilingual, doesn't know Arabic which might seem important. Nor does he speak Turkish or Persian or Kurdish because, naturally enough, he doesn't really have any experience in the region or any…

  2. The Death Star

    What with Henry Kissinger goofing up his last assignment, Darth Maul in the can, and Professor Snipe just not quite passing the evil litmus, the healm of frontrunner status for the position of Ambassador to Iraq falls on the shoulders…

  3. John Negroponte

    Ted Barlow flatters me in this post regarding John Negroponte and I agree that my bile is also coursing. I don't have much more to add to what Matthew Yglesias (who has been all over the story), Digby or Mark

  4. War News

    Not a word in the article on the strong protests to the appointment based on "Negroponte's record of support for death-squad activity, evasion of legal restrictions, and deceit as Ambassador to Honduras." Or his lack of knowledge of local languages. …

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