Which fact is more pathetic?

Which is worse: Christie crawling for truth-telling, or Christie crawling to Xi Jinping’s business partner?

This is a hard one. You’ll want to think about it carefully.

The two candidates for “most pathetic fact I’ve encountered today”:

1. That fake tough-guy Chris Christie had to – and did – offer a grovelling apology for calling Israeli-occupied territory on the West Bank “occupied territory.”

2. That the Republican kingmaker Christie had to crawl to owes most of his wealth to a deal with the Chinese government. (Whether or not that deal was secured corruptly is a separate question.) Adelson’s heart may be in Jerusalem, but his bankroll is in Macau, entirely at the mercy of Xi Jinping.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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One thought on “Which fact is more pathetic?”

  1. "Whether or not that deal was secured corruptly is a separate question."

    Was there ever a casino/gambling deal which was not secured corruptly?

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