What’s going on in the Ukraine?

Dan Drezner reports both on the events and one some of the commentary. DHinMi at Daily Kos has more.

Reading the two accounts together, it’s barely possible to credit the cravenness of the British journalists Drezner quotes, who clearly hope that Putin will be allowed to get away with making the Ukraine a Russian colony once again, and are trying hard to concoct reasons for tolerating it.

Update: A guest poster at Crooked Timber has more. Here’s a slightly bizarre twist: the current Ukrainian government tried to curry favor with BushCo by sending troops to Iraq, and the opposition, represented by Yuschenko, was against it from the beginning. Please, don’t anyone tell the warbloggers.

In the meantime, am I right in thinking that all of Blogland is united behind Yuschenko? If there’s an exception, please let me know.

Second update: A reader points me to A Fistful of Euros for ongoing coverage of the crisis. The latest: Kuchma has called for a new election, though not necessarily a clean one.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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