Whaddya know? Actual election fraud

By Republicans, natch.

In case you’re bored with all the fake “election fraud” stories the wingnuts and the GOP are pushing this year, here’s a story about real election fraud: tricking Democrats into re-registering as Republicans by telling them they’re signing an initiative petition about child molesters. The LA Times called a sample of those whose re-registrations were produced by a GOP contractor called YPM; 80% say they didn’t intend to re-register. Some were signed up without their knowledge as absentee voters: that could cost them their votes if they try to vote on Election Day. And of course it helps foul up Democratic GOTV efforts.

Somehow I doubt Lou Dobbs or John McCain will be interested. And if the FBI investigates, word of it won’t leak until after the election.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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