Were Rick Perry’s parents married?

Dunno. You’ll have to ask him.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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11 thoughts on “Were Rick Perry’s parents married?”

  1. If they weren’t, Perry will probably say that is because his father was a Democrat politician?

  2. I’m using the Brett technique: I have no evidence in favor, and I wasn’t there to witness, so I can’t say that I believe that they were married.

  3. Sure feels like 1859 to me. And not just because that was the year Darwin’s big book got published…
    And before this election cycle is over it will feel that way to everyone.
    Because it is obvious: Perry is going to bring the big ugly. Relentlessly.
    The rebel tea party have their man of the Confederate cloth…

    Peak crazy here we come!

  4. Speaking as someone whose parents were not married, I can’t see what reflection that is on the offspring.

  5. Peak crazy here we come!

    Sadly, koreyel, crazy is a renewable resource. If it’s peaking, it’s just a local maximum.

  6. Andrew:

    It isn’t, but plenty of people considering voting for Rick Perry think that it is, so…

  7. Using Brett’s technique, since the Constitution doesn’t list having one’s parents married as one of the qualifications for office, I don’t see that anybody would have standing to demand to see their marriage certificate, even if they might rationally have some doubt concerning the matter.

    And it isn’t peak crazy yet, this site will get a lot crazier before the election.

  8. You just don’t have the gutter instinct. The correct questions are
    1) what Rick Perry’s mother employed in the sexual services industry ?
    2) was his father ?

    Question 2 needed to avoid suspicion of sexism, question 1 needed to avoid suspicion of homophobia (although plenty of women would offer me money for sex, really honestly, just ask them (if you can find them)).

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