Welcome to the grand illusion

The Grand Canyon is older than we thought, so says Big Science.

“Geologists” now claim that the Grand Canyon is 17 million years old, rather than the 5 or 6 million years that the NPS tells visitors.

“The canyon is older than we think,” said Victor Polyak, a University of New Mexico geologist and the lead author on the Science paper. “And there’s a two-step process, I guess you can say.”

Not so fast, said Joel Pederson, a geomorphologist at Utah State University who has spent his career studying the Grand Canyon. He said the estimated age of 5 million to 6 million years is based on abundant evidence amassed by scientists over many decades. Seventeen million is impossible, he said, because there is no evidence of a large quantity of sediment flowing out of a canyon before 6 million years ago.

This is all a dangerous ruse to distract us from the truth, that the Grand Canyon was created in 2550 B.C. When all the dinosaurs drowned.