Welcome to a new colleague

Jonathan Kulick, who will be posting from Tbilisi. That’s impressive to those of us who can’t even pronounce “Tbilisi.”

It’s a pleasure to welcome Jonathan Kulick to the Reality-Based Community. His inaugural post (the first of many, it is devoutly to be hoped) appears above. When I asked Jonathan for a brief bio, here’s what he sent:

Jonathan Kulick is the Director of Studies at the Georgian Foundation for Strategic and International Studies, in Tbilisi, Georgia. He was reared in East Africa, the Middle East, and Washington, DC. He is a lapsed Silicon Valley mechanical engineer, and can go on about hard-disk substrates and the Czochralski process, but prefers not to. At RAND, he wrote on the zero-emission-vehicle mandate, hospital-seismic-safety legislation, and military-operational decisionmaking. After commuting from LA to Tbilisi for five years, he moved to Georgia, where he runs the research and training programs at the region’s leading think tank, and publishes a daily analytical digest on Georgia. He thinks he’s qualified to comment on US foreign policy, energy economics, and punk rock, and is thinking about the nexus thereof. He’s not altogether comfortable referring to himself in the third person.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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