Video killed the campaign-jingle writer

Virginia Woolf does not heart Hillary.

As if the boost from Hooray for Everything weren’t enough, Matthew Yglesias finds a molar-scrapingly earnest video of Hillary-loving kids (in Scranton, the new irony capital of the U.S.). He thinks that it might pay off, as

At the end of the day, the United States is a pretty tacky middlebrow kind of country.

Yes, and fire burns. Obama is then doomed, as is no brow, at best. (I wonder if “I got it from my mama” is meant for Obama, as well.)

Where to go for highbrow campaign music?

Anna Netrebko didn’t make a video for Medvedev, and I doubt that Esa Peka Salonen is composing a symphony for…whoever runs Finland (but Lordi might). I won’t argue that they’re highbrow, but Georgia’s political videos are a cut above America’s. The country’s most popular rapper (brother of the main opposition candidate) released this video at the start of last November’s massive anti-government rally (a few days before the crackdown and state of emergency):

The Nero figure is President Saakashvili and…it’s self-explanatory from there.

Saakashvili’s video (“Misha is cool”) for the subsequent snap election is, as you’d expect, cheesier, but not bad: