UPI isn’t cheerful

Claude Salhani, International editor of UPI, doesn’t think things are going well in Iraq:

New reports emerging from Iraq Tuesday indicate that an unholy alliance is being forged between Sadr’s militia, known as the Mehdi’s Army and the Sunni resistance, traditionally grouped under the banner of Mohammed’s Army. And on Tuesday U.S. troops battled both; followers of Mohammed’s Army in the Sunni hotbed of Fallujah where the Marines are currently engaged in fierce clashes, as well as armed followers of the young cleric in Sadr City and other parts of the country who are resisting American attempts to disarm them, as thousands of armed militiamen faced off American tanks and armored personnel carriers.

In just two short days, the situation in Iraq has changed dramatically, from one of terrorists and foreign jihadi agitators fighting the coalition, to that of a domestic popular rebellion already being compared by some to the Palestinian intifada, or uprising.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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