John Lott appears to have written an anonymous review of the Phil Cook/Jens Ludwig book on the cost of gun violence, in which he pretends to be a gun control supporter disappointed by the quality of the research.

I had heard a rumor that if you looked up “sneak” in the Pictionary you’d find a picture of Lott. I guess it’s true.

Even more astonishing than the pettiness of Lott’s experiments in deception is their incompetence. He would do well to ponder the words of Master K’ung:

Since nothing is more evident than what is hidden

or more obvious than what is concealed

the person of quality

keeps watch over his conduct

even when he is alone.

More details, including several other anonymous reviews from (who else?) Tim Lambert.

Update The above is corrected; I had identified a different Cook/Ludwig book as the target of Lott’s pseudo-disappointment.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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