Here’s an item from the Manchester Union Leader that neither the national press nor the blog world [Wrong! See below.] has paid much attention to: a contractor working for the New Hampshire Republican Party jammed Democratic and labor-union phone banks on election day, in apparent violation of state and federal law. The executive director of the NH Republican Party, having been caught lying about it, quit. The only coverage I can find outside New Hampshire was this well-buried story in the Washington Post.


Several readers point out that Josh Marshall has been all over this one. My bad.

Turns out Josh has lots of yummy stuff: the guy in charge of the dirty-tricks operation, Allen Raymond, is also the Executive Director of something called the Republican Leadership Council, with a board full of heavyweight Republican politicos from what’s left of the “moderate” wing of the party.

Watch this one. If Josh keeps up his reporting, this could be the next big story to jump from the blog world to the real world. And notice whether any of the right-bloggers who are so eager to scream “voting fraud” at Democrats deign to notice.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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