Two more self-contradictions in the Palin nomination

The Palin choice belies both “Country First” and the idea that McCain bucks the Republican Party

Add to the contradiction of the McCain “experience” argument against Obama the following two contradictions:

1) The minor theme of tonight at the RNC was about how John McCain had bucked his party, yet the origin of the Palin choice, according to reporting on NPR and elsewhere was that McCain concluded that in fact he could not go against the party to run with Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge. (NPR reported that Sam Brownback had been asked to do a nominating speech for a pro-choice VP, which he interpreted to be Joe Lieberman)

2) The only possible logic for the Palin choice is about winning the election, not about governance. How is this putting “Country First” above party?

You must conclude that McCain is in fact the craps-shooter with serious judgment problems. Either he has a teenager’s belief in his own immortality or he is just so reluctant to cede any space to another adult that he felt forced to put a lightweight on his ticket.

Quite a contrast with Obama’s logic in selecting Biden — as ready to step in and as a source of seasoned independent advice –even at some cost to the political imagery of change coming to Washington from outside.

Just who is the mature one in this race?