Two cheers for Sen. Dodd

“At a news conference at the state capitol, Mr. Ritter said he wanted to find a better balance in life and spend more time with his family.”

“In his statement, Dorgan said his retirement was borne out of the desire to spend more time with his family.”

“‘Now there is nothing more pathetic than a politician who announces they are only leaving public life to spend more time with their family…,’ Dodd said.”

3 thoughts on “Two cheers for Sen. Dodd”

  1. Best I'll offer is one cheer. Brutal honesty from any/all of these guys would be owning up to the fact that they're all going to be off to make pant loads of money lobbying after their departures.

  2. H. Shah, I believe that I saw that the financial reports filed by the Senators for last year only showed one Senator, Bernie Sanders of Vermont, who was not a millionaire.

    I doubt seriously that any Senator could get and keep a job as a goat herder in Afghanistan.

    Now if they will just pass health reform for the little people. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

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