Tucker Carlson is a few bricks shy of an ethical load

Ezra Klein unloads.

The usually gentle Ezra Klein has had enough, and retaliates against The Daily Caller’s lying about JournoList by telling some of the truth about Tucker Carlson.

As to why Ezra doesn’t release the whole archives: because he promised not to, dum-dum. We all promised not to divulge conversations on the list. End of story.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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4 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson is a few bricks shy of an ethical load”

  1. Tucker Carlson is the petulant eight-year-old who keeps getting picked last in gym, not because he's athletically inept–although he is–but because he's an obnoxious crybaby who keeps trying to tell everyone else, all of whom know what they're doing better than he does, how to play the game.

    Understand this, and you understand Tucker.

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