Trump Campaign Non-Disclosure Agreement

Ok, it’s not a judicial opinion or a research paper, but it seems relevant enough.

Here’s a specimen of a non-disclosure agreement apparently used by the Trump campaign.  The names have been redacted.

The document first appeared in The Texas Tribune on March 19, 2018.

Update: Bradley P. Moss at LawFare has a great commentary:   Why the White House Can’t Stop Omarosa Manigault-Newman From Talking

Update II:  The Washington Post has additional commentary about the extent of the enforceability of the NDA.

9 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Non-Disclosure Agreement”

  1. On my browser – Chrome on a Mac – the document appears for a second or so and then disappears, leaving a blank page.

    1. There should be a small red box in the upper right corner. Click on that and it should come up.

      1. It's there on the Tribune link. Thanks.

        The first link is the one where it disappears.

  2. I think these should best be read as non-compete agreements. Saying terrible things about Trump and Trump's family, admitting to idiotic or criminal behavior, behaving idiotically in front of the whole gobsmacked world, saying racist, sexist and xenophobic s**t, and generally showing every day in every way that ratings machine DJT is unfit for office is Trump's thing. He doesn't need the competition.

    And when you consider how steep the competition is for most odious human on earth, with strong bids from Omarosa, Bannon, Miller, Gorka, Sessions, Conway, Flynn, Manafort, Ross, Zinke and Pruitt, you can see why he might be worried. And that's just the White House Division. To claim the prize, Trump then has to beat whoever wins in the International Division, which includes Erdogan, Assad, Le Pen, Putin, Farage and BoJo (among others), as well as the champs in the Congressional Division and the Non-Fake News Division. (There are so many strong competitors in these brackets, space and incipient nausea prevent me from even trying to list them, but they know who they are, and so do you.) And you still have the Wild Cards like Weinstein and Cosby, Kobach and Corey Stewart, Spencer and Duke and even good old KSM. (It's my understanding that Roy Moore has withdrawn from the tournament to spend more time at the Gadsen Mall, but he will present the award that goes to the winner of the swimsuit competition. Don't ask, and if you do, be warned that Speedos are involved.)

    So I say, let the poor man have his NDAs. He's been working toward the championship at least since he suckled at the teat of Roy Cohn (indecency sensei non-pareil); it's the only thing he's ever worked hard at. Well that, and getting into shape for the swimsuit competition.

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