We now have a reasonably strong case that Brett Kavanaugh boasted in his high school yearbook of having had a threesome with one woman and another man.  That boast, circumstantially at least, lends credence to Christine Blasey Ford’s claim concerning an incident in the summer between Kavanaugh’s junior and senior years in high school.

One of the notations in Kavanaugh’s high school yearbook is a reference to “Devil’s Triangle.”  Before yesterday, the Urban Dictionary defined “Devil’s Triangle” as:

A threesome with 1 woman and 2 men. It is important to remember that straight men do not make eye contact while in the act. Doing so will question their sexuality.

(Since yesterday, there has been an additional, secondary, meaning:

A drinking game where you get a girl too drunk to consent (and hopefully to resist) to having sex with you and a buddy at the same time. Eye contact is to be avoided to provide plausible deniability to your sexual orientation and any other questions that may come up about the event in the future.

Some of Brett’s favorite drinking games include Devils Triangle and Quarters.

For the purpose of this discussion, I will ignore the new secondary meaning.)

At the Senate Judiciary Hearing yesterday, Kavanaugh claimed that the term referred to some sort of drinking game.  However, prior to Kavanaugh’s testimony yesterday, no one else in the universe had ever heard of the game.  In fact, Wikipedia had no reference to the term in connection with a drinking game.  That glaring omission was remedied at 5:18 P.M. yesterday when an individual with a U.S. House of Representatives IP address added the following definition to the Wikipedia discussion of “Devil’s Triangle”:  “[A] popular drinking game enjoyed by friends of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.”  I assume that the reference to Kavanaugh in the secondary definition was meant to be snarky. This new definition has since been removed.  See the full story by CNN.

Why did Kavanaugh lie about the meaning of the term in his yearbook?  It is likely that Kavanaugh and Mark Judge engaged in some adolescent boasting, representing to their classmates that the incident with Dr. Ford involved sexual intercourse.  Of course, it is true that this was not actually the case.  But, as the CNN story relates, numerous members of Kavanaugh’s class, including Kavanaugh, boasted of sexual relations with a woman named “Renate,” boasts that were also likely untrue.  (Of course, Kavanaugh lied about that lie when, in his testimony yesterday, he claimed that the references to “Renate” in the yearbook were because she was a “great friend.”  Yeah.  Right.)

Yes, the boast was false–neither Kavanaugh nor Judge actually had intercourse with Ms. Blasey, as she was then known.  But, of course, the false boast gives lie to the current Kavanaugh line, namely that there was never any incident at all involving Kavanaugh, Blasey, and Judge.


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  1. Uh, perhaps the “Devil’s Triangle” yearbook entry refers to yet a different victim? We have reasonable evidence that the man is a serial assaulter, and the modus operandi of the assault on Dr. Blasey speaks to some level of prior practice? And it’s not as if victims have an incentive to come forward, esp. with this excuse for a human being taking his place on the highest court in the land.

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