Topic for debate

Is Bibi Netanyahu objectively anti-Zionist?
Is there anything he could be doing to wreck the future of Israel that he isn’t actually doing?

“Resolved, that the Netanyahu Government is objectively anti-Zionist.”

If Arafat’s dybbuk had taken control of Bibi’s body, the Israeli PM couldn’t do much more than he is doing to reduce the probability that Israel will exist half a century from now. Deliberately picking a personal quarrel with the President of the United States, especially one with very high popularity among American Jews, is stupid. Insisting on a settlements policy guaranteed to leave Jews a minority in Israel unless the government engages in mass population transfers, is insane. And proposing a policy on converts too strict for the tastes even of the Orthodox rabbinate, and under which the biblical Ruth would not qualify to make aliyah, is plan silly.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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