Tom Udall for President in 2016!

New Mexico’s freshman senator wants to go after the filibuster, and he wants to do it right. Time to Reinforce Desired Behavior.

Tom Udall of New Mexico wants to end the filibuster, and he wants to do it the right way:  by making new Senate rules at the beginning of the next Congress.

Now it’s time to Reinforce Desired Behavior.

If you’re from New Mexico, call his office (505) 346-6791 and give Udall a big  “attaboy.”

If you’re not from New Mexico, your call won’t mean as much, but you could send an email to his campaign committee <> and tell them about the contribution you made via the campaign website.

Even $10 would help express your sincerity.  Or you could donate $22 in honor of Rule XXII.  Helping a progressive Democrat hold a New Mexico Senate seat is always a cost-effective use of political funds, but in this case the goal is to make Udall and his people happy that he picked up on this issue, and to allow him to tell his colleagues that he got a good response for doing so.

I’m not generally a fan of the hereditary principle in politics, but I’m willing to make an exception for the Udall clan.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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5 thoughts on “Tom Udall for President in 2016!”

  1. Excellent suggestion. I'll donate $22 to Sen. Udall later today.

    Way to COACH the team, Mark. If only Obama for America email broadcasts made suggestions like yours.

  2. Rasmussen says if the Senate election were held tomorrow, the Dems would go down to 52 seats. And that's counting Feingold as surviving. You sure you want to get rid of the filibuster?

  3. What's wrong with 2012? You ask me, this tradition of incumbent Presidents not facing primary challenges is a crock.

  4. Fixing Rule 22 doesn't necessarily mean no filibustering ever. Just preventing abuses. Might be hard to do it just right. Maybe create more hurdles to doing it that makes the minority be more selective? But there's a reasonable case to be made for just abolishing it. The majority party gets to govern and it's clear whom to hold responsible for the results.

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