Obama as stand-up comic.

JFK once remarked that his youth in ascending to the Presidency would create a problem at the other end: “at an awkward age, too old to begin a new career and too young to be writing my memoirs.” Obama, if he and we are lucky, will be facing the same problem, with the additional handicap of having written a memoir already.

He could always go into stand-up.

A nine-second pause between the set-up and the punchline. And he brings it off, with just the right amount of mugging.

Oh yeah, and he’s also driving home the theme between now and November.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on “Timing”

  1. That's the Cosby long count. Whatever you think of his TV career, Bill Cosby did killer work in standup when he was on the way up — and I bet someone heard all the records.

  2. I had assumed that a seat on the US Supreme Court, or Secretary General of the UN were the most logical, but after he outshone Jay Leno…

  3. He is the Messiah, so he'll have a career saving his people from their sins long after his political career is over.

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