3 thoughts on “Timely Scholarship”

  1. Never let it be said that I’m unwilling to pitch in and do my share for our little community here. I will save everyone the time and effort of reading up on congressional subpoenas. The enforcement of congressional subpoenas, like so much else in our society, is dependent upon the widespread adherence to norms; consequently, subpoenas issued by Democrats are unenforceable since Republicans don’t adhere to the norms while Democrats are too timid and traumatized to impose their will upon anyone with threats of retribution if their legitimate demands are refused.

    1. This observation chimes with my suggestion that Democrats should not nominate a thoroughly civilised person like Barack Obama for the 2020 election but someone with a thuggish and vindictive side like LBJ or Churchill. No more “let bygones be bygones”; white-collar political criminals should serve time. Harris has presumably sought the death penalty in California for murderers; Gillibrand shivved Al Franken when it had to be done. Have Warren or Booker ever shown a touch of the necessary ruthlessness? The test looks as if it rules out the three White Hopes beginning with a B.

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