The word you’re looking for is “blasphemy”

Let’s ask God to curse our political opponents. Ha ha.

Nothing like a nice “humorous” prayer for God to curse your political opponents. That couldn’t offend anyone, could it?

The director of digital media for the political action arm of Focus on the Family needs some basic lessons in reverence. Maybe he and P.Z. Myers can team up; Myers also thinks religion is a joke.

Of course, his proposal to pray for torrential rain to wash out Obama’s acceptance speech wasn’t really a joke, except that to this fanatic pseudo-Christian the suffering of people he disagrees with is funny. As C.S. Lewis says, (I’m switching the names from the Narnia world for the ones Christians use), “If any man do a cruelty in God’s name, then, though he says the name “Jesus,” it is Satan whom he serves and by Satan his deed is accepted.”

Author: Mark Kleiman

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