The vet vote, redux

Kerry catches up.

As noted previously, as of the convention Kerry wasn’t doing any better against Bush among veterans than Gore had done four years ago. That seems to have changed in the weekend CBS News poll:

While President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney held a 47 percent to 41 percent lead among vets in mid-July, the tickets are now in a statistical tie: Kerry-Edwards with 48 percent, and Bush-Cheney with 47 percent.

Thanks to the Carpetbagger for the pointer; he has some useful thoughts of his own.

Update: More on this from Shaun at Upper Left.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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  1. The Turning Point Of The 2004 Election

    The latest
    Gallup poll has Bush at 51% and Kerry at 45% confirming Kerry's worst fears.
    The Democrats predicted 8-10 the Republicans predicted 10-15 but that's just jive talkin' as the Bee Gees would say, let's look at history:
    Jimmy Carter i

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