The underdog

McCain says he’s going to pull the election out “in the last 48 hours.” What’s supposed to happen then?

I see John McCain is casting himself as the underdog and predicting he will pull the election out in “the last 48 hours.” That is, he’s conceding that his current disadvantage in the horserace polls is unlikely to be transient, and that Obama will stay in the lead most of the way.

I suppose that’s one way to keep your troops engaged in the face of bad numbers, but isn’t June a little early for desperation?

I’m also curious about what is supposed to happen in those last 48 hours. Is Senator McCain expecting his friend George Bush to bomb Iran, or is he hoping for the terrorist attack his manager Charlie Black said would be “a big advantage” for the campaign? Or is McCain going to ask one of his crazy preacher friends to work a miracle?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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