The three central facts about Bush’s puppies

No, John Kerry didn’t propose “slashing” the intelligence budget, and he didn’t propose any cuts at all after 9-11. Bush’s new CIA Director, when he was in Congress, proposed bigger cuts.

1. Kerry’s proposal to cut the intelligence budget came after the 1993 WTC attack (and, more importantly, in the wind-down of the Cold War), not after 9-11.

2. The amount involved was about 3% of the intelligence budget.

3. Porter Goss, tthe former CIA officer and Congressman just appointed by GWB to run the CIA, proposed bigger cuts at the same time.

Fred Kaplan has the facts and the documentation. Now will the mainstream media blow the whistle on this, or roll over and play dead? Remember, this is the ad that the Bushites say they’re counting on to bury Kerry.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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