The speech

I didn’t see Bush’s speech, but I just read the text. [Note: the Washington Post version here drops out a couple of paragraphs, leaving the document incoherent.]

The first thing to say is: Let’s all hope the threat works, either to get SH to leave town or to get the Iraqi military to do what Rommel and friends tried in 1944. I know that would be an incredible stroke of luck — having given the Iraqis so much time to prepare, it’s not obvious that giving them a slightly longer ultimatum wouldn’t have increased our chances of getting what after all is the only really good outcome available here — but it’s not impossible. (Presumably someone has a contingency plan to deal with the military-coup scenario.)

The second thing to day is: If it doesn’t work, let’s hope that “Shock and Awe” was disinformation rather than a serious plan to bomb a city of 5 million people into submission. The encouraging thing in the speech was the indication that some planning has been done to allow units to surrender, with no repetition of the horrible, and perhaps even criminal, “turkey shoot” of the first Gulf War.

Finally, if there is to be a war, let’s hope that this goes as smoothly it did last time. It might not.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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