“The reason soldiers invented fragging”

That’s Ann Counter on Jack Murtha.
No shame, at long last? Apparently not.

That’s Ann Coulter on Jack Murtha.

Footnote Maybe Mickey Kaus can tell us why this wasn’t really offensive. Comparing something Coulter wrote in a book (which means she had at least two opportunities to edit it before publication) to something Kos said in response to a comment on his blog and quickly retracted, doesn’t really make much sense, even putting aside the fact that Kos’s comment was two years ago, while Coulter is being given Big Media access contemporaneously with her accusation that the 9-11 widows who criticized the Beloved Leader are “enjoying their husbands’ death.” (Good attempt to change the subject, though.)

But suggesting that a political opponent would make an appropriate murder target? Please!

What are the odds that Coulter won’t be invited to next year’s Conservative Political Action Committee hatefest? Or that “respectable” conservatives such as Bill Frist will stay away as a result? Slim, I’d say, and none.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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3 thoughts on ““The reason soldiers invented fragging””

  1. Lordy, I was foolish enough to clock on that Kaus link. You owe me for the all the brain cells you were just an accessory to killing.

  2. It would seem Ann Cuntler is determined to prove the wingnut theory on women right-she's too stupid to be allowed to speak in public and obviously useless for anything but cooking and having babies.
    Thankfully for the gene pool, her biological clock should be about ticked out.

  3. She's a little wrong on the facts, anyway, like completely backwards: the officers who got fragged were the ones who were sending the troops into harms way for no good reason, not the ones who wanted to protect them from a pointless death…

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