The reality principle intrudes

Santorum sez: “Romney … has had Fox News shilling for him every day.”

Rick Santorum notices that Fox News is a political actor, not a journalistic enterprise.

“Romney … has had Fox News shilling for him every day.”


Author: Mark Kleiman

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5 thoughts on “The reality principle intrudes”

  1. Presumably he considers all ‘news’ outlets to be shilling for someone, though. The ‘Eastern liberal media’ are just shilling for someone else. I doubt that Mr Santorum is saying that he expected Fox to be a news organization that kept its editorial views separate from its reporting.

    1. It is strange how a society that believes in h. Economicus, in rational expectations and regulatory capture, in “greed is good” is surprised and amazed at the idea that “the media”, businesses owned and run by large corporations, might be shilling for anyone.

  2. I’m certain if things look up for his campaign he’ll be sure to point out that he was quoted out of context.

  3. Rick is just improving his bargaining position ahead of his contract talks with Fox News this summer.
    And on the unseen side, perhaps forcing the Kochs to boost his honorarium.

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