“The real McCain”? I don’t think so.

David Brooks is shocked — shocked! that anyone could accuse John McCain, who has a lobbyist working out of his own campaign bus, of being too cozy with lobbyists.

David Brooks is right: it’s absurd for Barack Obama to charge that John McCain is too cozy with lobbyists. Why, McCain is so suspicious of the evils of lobbying that he keeps a top lobbyist on his very own campaign bus, just so McCain can make sure that the lobbyist, who’s also a top strategist, isn’t crossing any ethical lines as he lobbies on legislation before McCain’s very own Senate Commerce Committee. Now that’s integrity above and beyond the call of duty.

Shame on you, Barack!

Footnote As for Brooks’s praise of McCain’s “investigation” of Jack Abramoff: isn’t is just astonishing that he managed to run the whole investigation without damaging a single Republican Member of Congress or anyone in the White House? McCain isn’t just a man of sterling integrity; he’s a #$!%ing genius.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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