The Pelosi trip, the Israeli connection, and AIPAC

Turns out Pelosi is carrying water for Israel on her Damascus trip. Will AIPAC stand up in her defense? Probably not.

Now that we know that Nancy Pelosi is carrying a message from the Israeli government to the Syrian government, it will be interesting to see whether AIPAC rises to her defense against the scurrilous campaign being waged against her by the White House. (Having apparently helped arrange a visit to Syria by three Republican Congressmen, the White House has been trying to pretend that Pelosi is irresponsibly encouraging Bashar al-Assad by visiting Damascus.)

My guess is that we won’t hear a peep out of AIPAC on this. The AIPAC leadership is dominated by the small minority of American Jews that favors conservatism and the Republicans, and seems to be more interested in using the Middle Eastern situation as a weapon in American domestic politics than in widening the base of support for Israel.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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