The other shoe drops

WMUR now also has Obama up by 10 points in NH, with Edwards fading.

The (apparently well-respected) WMUR/CNN poll, which stood out from the others in showing New Hampshire still close on the Democratic side, now shows Obama up 10 points (in line with Rasmussen and ARG) with Edwards fading. The three sets of percentages below represent: Saturday night and Sunday morning, Friday night and Saturday morning, and the weekend before New Year’s.

Obama   39% 33% 30%

Clinton   29% 33% 34%

Edwards 16% 20% 17%

The sample sizes are small, but I think it’s time for Mark Penn to start sharpening his seppuku sword. Unless there’s a shock, it looks as if Obama not just going to win; he’s going to win big.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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