The old razzle-dazzle

Calling Romney a liar nicely.

In the next two debates, Obama needs to call out Romney on his lying and shape-shifting in a way that’s not personally insulting to his opponent or demeaning to himself. Biden’s “malarkey” to Ryan was just right – language for challenging a drunken braggart in a bar without starting a fight – but it’s an Irishism.

Suggestions for Obama in this clip from, appropriately, Chicago.

Author: James Wimberley

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10 thoughts on “The old razzle-dazzle”

      1. I like it too. But perhaps “Mittster, ‘mericans ain’t buyin’ that jive you be puttin’ down” would be a bit too much.

  1. He could refer to them as Romney’s “latest revelations” although that could be shaving uncomfortably close to the Mormon thing.

  2. I would like to suggest (again) my favorite “younger generation” way of calling out a fabrication:

    “I call bullshit on that!”

    Use that line once, and it’s the only thing 100,000,000 voters will remember from the whole debate.

  3. The question is — Do we want a society in which a very few ruling families own almost everything, including government, and hand it all down to their heirs, or do we not want such a society?

    Is Romney the guy who would save us from the age-old, winner-take-all society, or is Obama the guy who wants to save us from that?

  4. At least the downward slide in Obama’s chances seems to have halted. He picked up on Nate Silver’s probability, back to 63% from 61% on Friday.

    Good time to counter-attack. I hope the last two weeks scared the bejasus out of the President, enough for him to be on his mettle this time.

    Time to let the American people know that if they vote in Romney, they will be voting back in a bunch of the same bloodthirsty neocons George W. Bush brought to Washington.

    1. Time to let the American people know that if they vote in Romney, they will be voting back in a bunch of the same bloodthirsty neocons George W. Bush brought to Washington.”

      This is a hugely great idea, I think. Trumpet this return of the SAME neocons warning.

  5. George Burns said that the secret of acting is sincerity. If you can fake that, you’ve got it made.

    The same is true of pandering to the Republican Party base.

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