The Next Spy Conspiracy Controversy?

A man recently murdered in unusual circumstances in the Washington suburbs had a key role in the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade in 1999; we are on the watch for conspiracy theories as well as any actual facts that may point to the motive for the crime.

Laura Rozen at connects some dots: It turns out that a man recently murdered while out for an early-morning walk with his wife in suburban Loudon County (Washington DC suburbs) was fired from the CIA in 2000 for his responsibility for the aberrant 1999 targeting and bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade.

Will the murder be laid at the door of Chinese who are still upset at the bombing, or at those who want to sabotage Chinese-US relations, or of shadowy US forces, perhaps wanting to ensure that CIA secrets in connection with the bombing do not come out. Or did the murder stem from the man’s later role in Iraq?

I am not suggesting any of these theories will be true — but it will be interesting to watch which if any take hold. We will also watch to see if any actual facts emerge.