The missing records

Who’s operating the TANG memory hole?
And why is Mr. Bush so proud of failure?

Where’s the official inquiry about 1LT Bush’s failure to appear for his annual flight physical? ABC has the story.

Just remember: the Bushies want you to believe that Kerry’s military records, including the documentation for his medals, don’t mean what they say. And they want you to believe that Bush’s records would say what he says they’d say, except somehow they got lost.

Mr. Bush, who doesn’t believe that America can win the war on terror, says he’s “proud” of his military service. Of course, he he also thinks that being six million jobs short of his target of adding five million jobs means that “our economic plan is working.” (Try telling that to someone who isn’t.)

That young fella certainly sets himself some pretty low expectations, doesn’t he?

Author: Mark Kleiman

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