The Little Red Book story was a hoax

Never mind.

I said at the time it sounded like a stray story from The Onion that had made its way into the real newspapers, but I have to admit being completely taken in by the student at UMass Dartmouth who claimed to have been visited at home by DHS agents after checking Quotations from Chairman Mao out of the university library. It turns out to have been a complete fabrication.

My apologies for credulously relaying what turned out to be false information.

Footnote All I can say in my own defense is: Who would have expected an undergraduate to be as inventively mendacious as George W. Bush or Bill O’Reilly? If that boy will just move hard right and learn to stick with his story rather than backing off when it’s exposed as untrue, I see a great career for him in politics or journalism.

Author: Mark Kleiman

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